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Warranty: We at X-ion-X have very intense Quality Control systems in place before any product leaves our warehouse! The bracelets are checked at multiple different stages before the purchase is even made. Even after these quality controls in place, the bands can break due to stretching over time. A person’s wrist or hands can also swell and can make it harder to get the band on or off and cause it to break. Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 3.34.17 PM What to do if your bracelet breaks? Once you are a customer of X-ion-X we will upgrade and or replace your bracelet at any time at a discounted cost of $15.00 per bracelet. All you need to do is mail your bracelet back to the following address: Instructions: X-ion-X INC. P.O. Box 2102 Belleville, Michigan 48112 IMPORTANT: DO NOT SEND THE BOX! JUST THE WRISTBAND. Please include a check for $15.00 OR you may include your daytime phone number to pay by credit card.