What Is X-ion-X?

Our "WEARABLE PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY" is designed to bring your body back to its natural harmonic state of balance and well being. When wearing our products many of our users report feeling better, and also experiencing enhanced mental clarity. Whether you are a business executive, parent, student or athlete - X-ion-X can help your overall well-being...


How Do X-ion-X Products Work?

Simply put, our products are programmed to resonate with your body's BIO ENERGY FIELD. They emit frequencies that help our body function more efficiently. This is similar to a tuning fork for a guitar. Vibrations allow communication between the fork and guitar, if done correctly you will end up with your guitar perfectly balanced and in harmony. Our products communicate the same way with our BIO ENERGY FIELD, but on a cellular level, allowing the frequencies to properly tune our body. Results you may experience can provide a total sense of physical and mental rejuvenation...

Users of X-ion-X bands have reported

  • Increases of Balance & Strength
  • Enhanced Flexibility & Motion
  • Quicker Muscle Recovery Time
  • Better Focus & Alertness
  • Relief of Stress, Tension & Joint Pain
  • Longer, Deeper Sleep
Although we receive many positive testimonials, X-ion-X products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any aliments, conditions or illnesses. It will not help you leap tall buildings in a single bound, or make you faster than a speeding bullet. However millions of people believe in this technology & have said to experience improvements in their overall health & well being.

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